Sustainable Urban Farming to Revitalize a Community

Photo courtesy of Modern Farmer
Photo courtesy of Modern Farmer
Detroit has slowly been decaying from the bright, industrial city that it once was. However, these changes have lead to a growth of urban farming in the community of Brightmoor. Modern Farmer talked about this trend with billionaire goat farmer, Mark Spitznagel. He discussed how he used what he described as “guerrilla farming”. Basically, he used his goats to clean up overgrown areas and then would make cheese from the goat’s milk. Other members of the neighborhood participate in this community supported agriculture by using abandoned buildings and land to grow their crops.

Why Community Supported Agriculture is Good for Detroit

Urban farming is bringing life back into the city. Neighbors have become invested in their land and invested in their city when so many people are leaving. Brightmoor is determined to make Detroit a better place. Using his goats he was able to clean up overgrown areas, with no cost so the city and then was able to make money off of his goat’s milk. Unfortunately, the city did not see the benefit of his goats and kicked his goats out of the city. But that hasn’t stopped him and other community members to continue in their guerrilla farming. People have become more careful about what they are eating and have been able to have their own organically-grown produce. They are saving money and are staying healthier.

Why Urban Farming is Good for Everyone

We know that goats are amazing animals that can easily clear land and even prevent wildfires that are so prevalent in California’s central coast. They cost very little, but they generate quite the profit from their milk. There are other animals, such as chickens, that are becoming more common in urban areas. This helps families know know their milk and eggs are organic and the animals have not been treated with any hormones. Make sure that your desired livestock are legal in your city, so that you will not get into any complications like Spitznagel did.

Beyond goat farming, other forms of agriculture can easily adapted to city life. When a community rallies together to grow their own organically-grown crops, nutrition becomes cheaper. Communities such as Brightmoor have become revitalized because of community supported agriculture. Imagine what it could do for your community. Talk to your neighbors about starting a cooperative or cooperatively supporting a local farm.

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