Who is it for?

Our buying club is for families that want to eat well but don’t have a local option for pasture raised meats.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our meats and broth to locations up to 3 hours away.

How often do you deliver?

We deliver our buying club orders once per month.

What is the benefit?

Buying Club members are able to fill their freezers with pastured meats; no grocery store runs or trying to figure out what’s for dinner! You get to support a small, family farm and use your dollars to support the kind of business you want to see succeed.

How do I get started?

If there isn’t a buying club in your area already, here is how to get started:

  • Get a group together that is interested in quality meats and vow to spend a minimum group total of $500 each month
  • Decide on a pick-up location that is convenient for delivery and members
  • Coordinate a pick up day and time with BWF Meats


Orders can be placed anytime during the month, but the cut off is 3 days before your scheduled delivery.       

Buying Club orders MUST have the buying club pick-up location address in the ship to box when ordering.

Buying Club Coordinators get an additional $50 to spend with BWF each time their buying club spends $500.

To start a buying club in your area, contact BWF Meats at 805-423-7187 or info@beewenchfarm.com