Finding well-raised, local pork can be a difficult task. It’s easy to find grass fed beef in San Luis Obispo County, but pork…that can be a different story. Our pasture raised pork tastes delicious, is great for your family and the environment. Your children will devour their pork chops and your husband will clamor for more bacon! We offer select cuts at Farmers Market or, for those that like purchasing in bulk for a discount, we offer whole and half pig shares!



“Your chicken tastes just like when my grandma used to cook!”

We hear it all the time; chicken that tastes like it’s supposed to. Finding pasture raised chicken that eats bugs and grass and isn’t fed corn or soy is incredibly hard to do. San Luis Obispo County residents want to eat chicken they know has been raised the right way and tastes good! Feed your family chicken that nourishes you and that was raised with care and respect. Be confident you’ve served a quality and healthy meal.



It's November and you’re running around trying to find a local turkey to feed your entire family for Thanksgiving….but, you can’t find one! There are not many places in San Luis Obispo County that raise turkeys…we do! And our customers come back year after year wanting more of our Heritage Turkeys. Invite your friends and family over knowing you’re giving them a healthy and nourishing meal. Be proud and smile when you hear them all say “That’s the best turkey I’ve ever had!”. Just try to stay humble knowing you’re the hero of Thanksgiving!


Best eggs, chicken and bone broth ever...love BeeWench!   ~Robyn G.
If it weren't for these guys I would starve, or at least never eat chicken.   ~Lynn M.
The taste is fresh, tastes the way chicken should!    ~Talia M.