It Starts With a Dollar

Starts with a Dollar
Most people want the world to be a better place…world peace, no violence, save the environment, etc.

Shouldn’t we ALWAYS want to better our lives? However, most people are daunted by the assumed tasks of ‘saving the world’. I mean, what can I do to stop malaria in Africa or violence in Serbia? It seems like a big task for just one person…and it is! But, there is always SOMETHING you can do.

One of those something’s begins with your dollar. Your hard earned dollar. Where are you spending it? Are you sending your hard earned money across the seas to multi-million dollar companies in China and Japan?

Start at home…take your dollar and buy American. Buy American-made clothes, toys, tools and electronics. Help support our country and make us strong so that we can better help others.

What about food? Are you buying processed food that uses oil from foreign countries to fertilize and ship it? Reach out to your neighbor with the chickens or garden and work out a deal. He grows this and you grow that and make a trade. Go to the farmers market and spend as much of your money as you can on locally grown, fresh, natural fruits and vegetables. Talk to the seller and ask them where their food is from, what are their growing practices. If she can’t tell you, move on to the next stand.

Each and every week, visit a farmers market or roadside farm stand and patronize them. Your difference starts with just one dollar. And that dollar’s effect on the economy, food supply and social system will multiply as your spending pattern continues.

Use your dollar to vote on the type of companies you want doing business in the US.

Use your dollar to tell the government what kind of programs and assistance you want to see. Each and every week, your dollar can make a difference!

Support your local farms, local business and change the world.

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