Food Freedom and Noncompliance

What is “food freedom?” It’s actually quite simple, and one of the most basic freedoms that we have enjoyed for a long time- the freedom to grow and eat our own food.

You may be surprised to find out that this freedom is in jeopardy. As the government tries to regulate what farmers can produce, how they produce it and distribute it, and much more, it impacts all of us.

This blog post from Nourishing Liberty discusses the dramatic way in which this freedom is being taken from us. Unfortunately, history continually shows us the results of an unjust government regulating basic human rights. Through simple acts of “noncompliance,” farmers everywhere are standing up for themselves, their rights and their communities by continuing to farm in the way they know is right.

As she concludes her entry, “Through the power of each of our individual choices, it is our splendid opportunity to live and act together in peace and to teach and remind ourselves to Nourish Liberty every day.”

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