4 meals for $50

Shopping and coming up with dinners during the week can be such a pain! You’ve got school, sports, after school actvities, doctors appointments, work and house chores. Somewhere in there you need to shop and cook! I struggled with this too! I found that prepping my menu and food early in the week or during the weekend saved me SO much time! We’re here to help you with successful dinners your family will LOVE!

Here are 4 dinners you can prepare with $50 in BWF chicken…and it just so happens that $50 in chicken can be delivered direct to your front door…check THAT off your list!!

So, first, add the following to your cart in our STORE:

1 $22 Whole Chicken
1 $14 package Boneless Skinless Breast
2 $7 packages Leg Quarter

Our recipe page has all the recipes listed that can be easily printed or viewed.

First is a whole roasted chicken…a classic meal that is sure to please everyone. The secret is browning and crisping up the skin at the end of the cooking…yum! Make sure you save the frame and any leftover meat…you’ll use those in another meal.

Next up is either the Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Casserole or simple BBQ Leg Quarters. My family absolutely devours the loaded potato casserole! In fact, I’ll sometimes make two trays so we have plenty for lunches! (I have a 16 year old and 2 farmer appetites here…we eat a LOT of food!). Feel free to modify the spiciness of that recipe to fit your families needs! One casserole will still leave you plenty for lunches the next day!

Who doesn’t love BBQ chicken…we’re in California, that means we BBQ ALL YEAR! The bbq rub is my own recipe and I use it on tons of stuff. Pair the Leg Quarters with seasonal vegetables or fruit and healthy carbs like potato or sweet potato fries. The key to bbq is NOT to leave your bbq alone. So, pour yourself a favorite beverage and park yourself near the bbq to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Last but not least is a family favorite…Chicken Noodle Soup. Using the frame/bones and any left over chicken from the roasted chicken, chicken noodle soup is perfect for fall evenings and busy nights. Simmer on the stove or in the crockpot all day and its ready to eat when you get home!

Hopefully these recipes make your weeknights a little easier and frees up your time to spend with your family, instead of slaving away in the kitchen or the grocery store!

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