Utilizing a Whole Chicken

Its no secret that purchasing a whole chicken is a better bang for your buck…you get more meat for the price! You also get the added benefit of nutritious bones to make stock with! But, in todays fast paced convenience food market, a whole chicken may be daunting. How do you cut it up and use all of those parts?!

A whole chicken can provide 3 meals for a family! First, you have the breast meat…on a typical 4.5lb chicken, your breasts are going to be about 1.25 lbs of meat. Then, the legs and thighs…another 1.5 lb meal. Then the frame and all of the little tidbits of meat left on it!

Watch this video of cutting up a whole chicken from Epicurious…and the next time you shop with us, save some money and purchase one of our whole birds!


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