Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Just kidding, I don’t want the rain to go away. I’m incredibly happy to get some rain! But, man….it makes our job tough! We’ve spent the last week preparing the farm for rain; covering hay, feed bins, putting away tools and equipment and making sure the animals have a dry place to sleep/bed down.

I also didn’t realize how hard working in the rain with Ella would be! DUH!! So far I’ve tried her stroller with a rain poncho over it and just parking her in the brooder room or barn near where I’m working. I can wear her with Ryan’s poncho…but its pretty difficult and she still gets a bit wet…she doesn’t seem to mind that but its ANOTHER change of clothes…and lets be honest, I’ve already got enough laundry to do!

Rain also makes markets a bit difficult for us! Set-up/take down is difficult and we don’t always have good sales. So, if you’re out and about this week…please make sure you shop at your local markets! We need your patronage even in inclement weather!

Hopefully we’ll get a decent amount of rain…the forecast said up to 2 inches for this storm (I wont hold my breath) but any amount is GREAT for our pastures and to wash the summer dust off! Especially the solar panels!

Anyway, I’ve been toying around with the idea of a weekly vlog (video log) of our life…how we manage the farm, a baby…sort of a DAY IN THE LIFE video…let me know what you think about that in the comments!

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