The State of Things

Lately I’ve been thinking about “the state of things”; the state of my household (that’s for another post), the state of our state, the state of our nation and the state of our world. Sometimes it’s easy to put blinders on and just go about your daily life; work, school, home etc. especially when it seems that every time we turn around there is some new tragedy to behold.

However, the state of things really needs our attention right now. We have millions of gallons of oil being spilled into our ocean, illegal immigration is rampant, thousands of people are out of work, bankrupt states and cities and a national debt that is skyrocketing.

So, of course the next questions should be… “What can I do?”

It is a daunting question for most people, and it is a daunting question for me too. So, what can we do…? We can call our congressmen and women, we can vote at each and every election, we can be informed and educated citizens (education DOES NOT come from the newspaper or TV) and we can live our lives and run our homes the way we envision the world to be run.

Honor your family by providing wholesome foods for them at each and every meal, and in turn you will only support organic and local farmers who have your and the earth’s best interests at heart.

Honor the earth by reducing your waste, reusing and repurposing what you have and recycling (compost, fuel etc).

Honor our government by voting and making your voice heard; our forefathers set up our land as a democracy so that every person has a way to make their voice heard.

When you put it down like this is seems pretty simple…do I think things will change quickly? No…it took a long time for things to get to the point they are now, and it’s probably going to take longer for it to change especially since there are people that just don’t care. They have no desire to see the world change and can’t or won’t look past tomorrow. But we, as children of the earth,  have a responsibility to strive everyday to make a change, at the very least a change in our own lives.

Spend your money and your efforts on things you think are important…every small amount makes a difference!


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