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I posted this picture on our FaceBook page the other day.



There was quite a discussion on the “benefits”(insert sarcasm here) of GM products and the company producing it.

Anyway, one of the trends in conversation was “cant trust any food unless you grow it yourself” and/or “guess I wont be eating corn” and I wanted to present another alternative…

Know Your Farmer!

When you get to know your farmer you’ll be able to know your food. You can see how its grown, how its cared for and how it’s harvested. You might be able to even help care for it while it’s growing…

It’s only been in the last 30-50 years that “knowing your farmer” has not been the norm. For our grandparents and maybe even our parents…your farmer was the guy down the road, or maybe even themselves! Industrial Ag as we know it didn’t really become the norm until the 50′s and 60′s. The years before saw families raising their own fruit, vegetables and meat. Only staples like sugar, spices and grains were  purchased. And those were usually purchased from the local dry goods store…not Walmart.

So, if you’re concerned about your food supply…and you should be…find your farmer! You know your dentist and your doctor and hairdresser…why wouldn’t you want to know the people that feed you!

You can find a farmer local to you on


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