New Season, New Farm!

Well…its official, we bought the farm!

Today, we closed escrow on a 10 acre piece of property that will become the forever home of BeeWench Farm (and its humans and livestock) We are all super excited at the possibilities having this land provides. It’s completely flat, with about 9 usable acres (the other 1 are taken up with residences and outbuildings!) I’ve been playing with Google maps and came up with this preliminary idea of what the overall layout will look like:

New Beewench Farm

As you can see, there are plans for about an acre for the pigs and almost 2 for the goats, both rotationally grazed areas. We are devoting another almost 2 acres to the garden area. The garden area will be comprised of 4 different sections; corn, cover crop, laying hens and vegetables. These four ‘crops’ will be rotated from year to year allowing the land time to rest and putting essential nutrients and organic matter into the soil.

Around the residence will be a permaculture food forest, with raised perennial and herb beds behind it. Most of our fruit trees and bushes will be in the food forest, but we will have a few out by the goat pasture.

The balance of the property (open areas not covered) will be seeded with a bee feed mixture of perennial and annual wildflowers. Around the edge of the property we will plant nectar sources that make good windbreaks/privacy screens. We plan to add solar generation and a grey water system as well!

Of course, none of the areas marked off are to scale on this drawing, it’s just a great birds’ eye view of our plans!

Stay tuned for more info on the new farm!

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