Harvest Tall For 2011

I know that I didn’t give you our harvest tally for all of 2011 and I’m sorry about that. We had some mix-ups the last month or two of the year so I’m not sure how accurate the last figures are. But this should be pretty close.
Milk: 40 quarts (10 gallons)
Veg: 89 pounds
Meat: 260 lbs (pork – guesstimate)
Eggs: 122
Milk: 38 quarts (9.5 gallons)
Veg: 37 pounds
Meat: 150 pounds (chicken)
Eggs: 90
Milk: 8 quarts (2 gallons)
Veg: 2 pounds
Meat: 0 pounds
2011 Totals
Eggs: 3,447
Milk: 651 quarts (162.75 gallons)
Veg: 746 pounds
Meat: ~522 pounds
Honey: ~3 gallons
This year my goal is to harvest at least 1000 pounds of produce from this farm. I’m sure we can do it.

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