Yay! We finally got the worms in our greenhouse. Cristy at SLO County Worm Farm came over last week to check out the area I wanted to install the worms in. She thought it would be fine to have them in the greenhouse and gave me some ideas on how much space they’d need, caring for them and how many I should get.

On Monday I went out to Cristy’s worm farm to check things out. It’s pretty quiet right now since its cold outside and she is in the middle of expanding. I promise I’ll go back out there this summer for an “extended tour” and bring back some pictures. So, I ended up with two pounds of “red wrigglers” Eisenia fetida and we installed them in the greenhouse the next day.

newspaper ready for worms


First I shredded up a bunch of newspaper and laid it down on the ground in the area I wanted the worms. Its about 6 inches deep.

worm pile in newspaper

Then we turned the bag the worms came in inside out to make sure none were stuck to the sides. The pile of worms and their food looks so small in this area! But they’ll reproduce and grow into it very soon!

worms covered by cardboard

Finally, we laid pieces of cardboard over the bed to protect the worms and make it a little more cozy!
It will be a week or so before I add any new material for them to munch on. Cristy sent them with enough to keep them occupied for a little while.

And, when we were heading out of the greenhouse M snapped this picture of the sunset…GLORIOUS!!

winter sunset

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