How and Why to Choose a CSA

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Have you ever been to a farmers market? Besides the excitement of meeting people with similar passions and browsing through all the fresh produce, there is sense of community. Knowing that the produce you purchase at a farmers market is fresh and free of pesticides brings the confidence (and the flavor!) of a healthy and beyond satisfying experience.

While farmer’s markets are great for the general public who wish to support local farmers, in the farming community, there is a wonderful thing called CSA. Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) are designed to foster a network of supporters for a farm – hence, the “community supported” description – and provides a model that allows a farmer to buy seeds, equipment, and supplies before the season begins. People become “members” of a farm, and in return they’ll get a box of whatever is being harvested at the farm, either every week or every other week, depending on how the CSA is set up.

Although CSA’s aren’t for everyone, as people who travel often or people who can’t keep up with all the deliveries would find a CSA cumbersome. CSA’s provide a deeper way to connect with the person that grows your food.

Before looking into joining a CSA, consider these tips from Simple Good and Tasty. Finding the right community to be involved in is important. Check out all BeeWench Farm has to offer today!

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