Announcing the Budding Farmers Program!

Budding Farmers Logo- Final
We are proud to announce a new partnership with the Budding Farmers program!

The Budding Farmers program is a healthy food and agriculture educational enrichment program. It brings children, families, organizations and the community into a deeper dialogue about seasonal fruits, vegetables and the importance of healthy food.

The 8-week program, perfect for Pre-K through Elementary-aged children, builds an early appreciation for seasonal fruits, vegetables and other products. Children learn basic cooking techniques and how to cook with whole foods by understanding how they look, taste, smell and feel. They are encouraged to creatively “play” with their food whether it is a hands-on science project to preserve the foods, or learning how to plant, sprout and harvest them.

Budding Farmers is also mutually beneficial for families and local organizations. Families will learn new information about the seasonal items alongside their kids. The program initiates direct connections between the family and community through weekly activities, cooking and art projects. As families educate their children on healthy food, they are building meaningful relationships with their CSA farms. This relationship creates an increased sense of camaraderie with adults and their CSA farm and ultimately establishes customer loyalty.

By educating and exciting children about all of the benefits of healthy food that CSA farms grow, the participants of the Budding Farmers Program will develop an appreciation and understanding of agriculture that lasts a lifetime!

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