BeeWench chickens arrive on the farm as a day old chick. 150-200 fluffy little peepers are mailed to us every other week.

They spend their first 4 weeks in our nice cozy brooders. They have access to fresh water and food 24/7. Their shavings are changed twice weekly so they always have cozy and clean bedding to scratch around and cuddle in. At around 2 weeks of age they begin to lose their fluff and grow real chicken feathers. They remind me of gangly adolescents at this time…half bald and growing everyday!




At 4 weeks, they’ve grown most of their adult feathers so we move them to the pasture.  Pasture pens allow us to keep the birds safe while still garnering the benefits of pasture; grass and bugs to eat. Our pens are moved 1-2 times daily to give the birds access to fresh grass and prevent a build-up of manure.



chickens in tractor

They receive a ration of non-gmo, corn and soy free feed during this time in addition to pasture. Meat chickens need the protein supplement of high protein feed in order to grow the plump carcass we all enjoy. Access to fresh water 24/7 is a must; we use automatic water floats and hanging nipple buckets to make sure the water is always clean and available.





At 8-10 weeks each batch of chickens is gathered from their pen into transport crates and taken to our processing area. Here, they are humanely processed under HACCP guidelines, bagged and made ready for purchase!












The chicken you purchase from from BeeWench Farm has been handled with utmost care and compassion during its life here at BeeWench Farm. We keep complete control of the entire process, start to finish, to ensure the chickens are treated humanely with as little stress as possible. We believe an ethically raised animal is better for our health and the environment.


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