Our New Greenhouse!

PHEW! The greenhouse is finally finished! Well, it’s mostly finished. The outside is done except for tacking down/insulating the bottom of the cover with sand and moving all my growing supplies inside. I’m working on building tables that are the exact dimensions I need to fit my lights and heat mats.

Even the cat likes it!
Even the cat likes it!

The greenhouse is 24 ft long by 16 ft wide. I purchased a greenhouse ‘kit’ from FarmTek and spent the last month or so working on it every Saturday with my dad and my boyfriend (and business manager). I’m really excited to have this protected place to start all of my seedlings in each year. The greenhouse won’t be heated, but it’ll keep the seedlings protected from any frost and keeps the critters (chickens!) away from them. I don’t have a thermometer in it yet, but the other day it was about 65 degrees out and the greenhouse felt well into the 80’s.

During the summer months, when its incredibly hot, my plan is to purchase a shade cloth kit for it. So, the greenhouse will become a shaded area for delicate seedlings.

Some of the seedlings I have in there now are red and purple cabbage, kale, broccoli and onions.




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