**** Disclaimer*** I am not a health expert and before trying anything new with your diet, you should consult your medical health expert!****

I’ve listened to plenty of podcasts urging everyone to get more organ meats into their diet. Why? According to many health experts, they are packed with tons of nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

Many health experts also say that like cures like. For example, if you are having heart issues, you should consume heart. This is because the nutrients found in the heart of an animal are the same ones that our hearts need to function. The same is true for all your other organs, which makes sense. Liver is prized by many and said to heal a multitude of health related problems, not just liver issues directly,  because it is so packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Eating a whole food source of these nutrients is also much better for you than taking individual supplements because the nutrients that you need may require other nutrients to be absorbed properly by your body. If you are just taking an iron pill because you were told that you are anemic, you may not be able to properly absorb and use that iron without other important minerals. Eating a whole food, which contains many different nutrients, will give your body a better chance at absorbing the needed nutrients.

Another great benefit to organ meats is that they are much cheaper than your usual meat derived from the animal’s muscle. For a fraction of the cost, you can consume a few chicken hearts and get a huge nutrient benefit compared to just eating a chicken breast. Obviously, it’s good to have balance, but it saves money and could benefit your health by swapping out a regular meal a week to one that utilizes organ meats.

My mom cringes when I talk about this because she grew up having to eat liver and onions once a week. She said the family dog was well fed under the table those nights! Liver is one that is a nutrient powerhouse, but maybe not the best to start off with when beginning to eat organ meats. I have been taking a beef liver supplement and have noticed a great change in my health, but I really want to eat the real thing to save money and get more benefits.

I am looking forward to trying liver recipes and sharing them. So far, the chicken liver pate I made is pretty good on sourdough, but no one else likes it so I need to work on that recipe. I also have a beef liver in my fridge that I have planned to shave off bits to mix in with ground meat. If you have any tips or favorite recipes, please share them with me!!! I know a lot of our customers are way ahead of the curve on organ meat consumption!

Everyone said chicken hearts are the best one to start with due to its mild taste. They were right!!! I made them according to this super easy recipe and they were delicious! They reminded me of hotdog, and I could easily mix them in to other recipes. My two-year-old surprisingly ditched the pizza she wanted for dinner and ate half of my chicken hearts. I was happy to share knowing that she was getting some excellent nutrition, especially compared to the pizza!

Super simple and very tasty chicken hearts! Pan fried with some olive oil after being well seasoned.

If you want to give organ meats a try, start with chicken hearts and you will not be disappointed! We sell them in half pound packs so you can give them a try. The recipe calls for a pound, but a half pound was a perfect amount for my daughter and I.

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