Farm – Year To Date…….

Well, as usual…a lot has happened since our last update! That’s pretty much par for the course around here!! In March of this year I was laid off from my off-farm job…after a lot of discussion Ryan and I decided that I would not pursue off farm employment going forward and we would push to earn 2 incomes from farming. We had some savings and felt scared but ready to give this a try! So far, so good!

Me being on the farm full time has allowed us to expand even further our farming enterprises…We’ve doubled the number of chickens we have for sale and have been able to offer whole and half pig shares. We now sell chicken at 5 different markets, have farm hours and sell to two local restaurants.

Our plan is to spend this winter improving the efficiency of our processes and repairing/building some infrastructure. When we moved here last October, we did not have time to make a lot of the repairs that we needed to. Both of us are excited to get our facilities in good repair and set up EXACTLY the way we want. CSA ends in 5 week and we plan to use the time we normally spend harvesting making repairs and doing some much needed clean-up.

We have many dreams for this place and know it is all possible, it just takes time. One little bit at a time will get the job done. And here, just like any business…we’re always evolving; improving our process and deciding which enterprises on the farm make sense for us.

Stay tuned for details of our projects and how each of the current farm enterprises (pastured chicken, pastured eggs, pastured pork, grass fed milk shares, CSA vegetables) fit into our overall farm plan.



Sarah Jean

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