Why Do I Farm?


I get asked this question a LOT. Especially when people find out I work a full time job and am a single mom in addition to running a farm. The short answer is I’m nuts…

The long answer is a little more complicated.

Why do I farm? Because I love it. I love all aspects of it. Planting seeds in the middle of winter, know that in a few short months these teeny tiny seeds will be supplying many families with an abundance of nutrient-rich food. Watching those plants grow and thrive in soil that I’ve helped become a perfect ‘home’ for them.

Why do I farm? It inspires me and humbles me all at the same time. At a potluck on Saturday at the farm, one of the guests said to me, ‘you’re the creator of all this?’ sweeping her arm around the farm. I was floored for a second, but un-hesitantly replied no. I’m not the creator of ANY of it…I only help to manage it. I don’t create the seeds or life that feeds us. I only supervise and assist as needed. A power much greater than me creates life!

Why do I farm? Seeing my customers each drop and listening to them exclaim over different items in their bag, and tell me how much they love this or that or share recipes with me is just as inspiring. I occasionally get text messages or emails from my ‘farmily’, telling me that a certain veggie from the back is their ‘new favorite’…and it makes my heart sing.

Why do I farm? Most importantly, I farm so my son (and my daughter when she lived at home) have the opportunity to understand exactly where their food comes from and what exactly it takes to grow it. So they have a greater appreciation of the effort, the animals and what they are consuming. I farm so I know that they (and myself) are getting the best possible nutrition on a daily basis.

Farming is a way of life for me, its not just a business, it’s a passion and a lifestyle.

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