California’s New Egg Bill: A Step in the Right Direction

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In 2010 California enacted a law that requires all eggs grown in the state to be from hens raised according to a minimum standard. Prop 2 passed by a vote of 63.5 percent. Californians want “safe” eggs. I’m not sure if I agree that minimum cage standards will lead to inherently safer eggs, but I believe it’s a start in the right direction.

Now, other states are arguing that the California law is restricting inter-state trade. Rep. Steve King, a Republican from egg-producing Iowa, has made it a priority to try to include in a final farm bill language that would prohibit “interference by state and local governments with production or manufacture of items in other states.”

On the contrary, I think this is a perfect example of a state setting regulations for its constituents- which is well within their rights to do. California voters proved they wanted eggs from farms that raise their chickens more responsibly and enacted the proposition to do just that. It’s funny, the state that had the largest safety recall of eggs in American History, came from the state rep that is fighting the hardest against Prop. 2 taking effect in 2015.

Makes you wonder, huh?

I’m a firm believer in the states having the constitutional right to enact laws for their constituents. State autonomy is the backbone of our republic- a nation that allows its citizens to move to states that are better suited to their individual morals and beliefs. If Iowa farmers want to take advantage of the large California populous, they better get with the times and begin to raise their animals in a more natural way.

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