Processing Hogs

When it is time for the pigs to be processed, there are several things that happen. We need to schedule a date with a processor in advance, have the pigs killed here at the farm or at the processor, let the butcher know what cuts of pork we would like, and then we go and pick up the pork.

We really like having the pigs killed on the farm because it’s much less stressful for them and we want to keep them as calm and happy as possible their entire lives. It’s always a very bittersweet day for us, but we know they had a great life, and their sacrifice is going to help others thrive. Usually, we have a local guy come and kill the pigs for us. He brings his truck and guts and cleans the pigs right here also. If you do want to keep any of the organs, just let us know and we can save those for you. He then takes the split pigs to a local butcher. We cover the cost for this service for our whole and half hog customers.

At this point, if you have the knowledge or know someone who does, you are more than welcome to pick up the pig to butcher yourself. You can ever butcher the pig here if that’s easier and we can help you vacuum seal the cuts. Unfortunately, we are still learning and do not offer this service ourselves because we really do not want to mess up your beautiful meat.

Once the butcher gets our pigs, he will usually give us a call to confirm the cuts we would like. He then cuts and packages all the pork for us with labels to let you know what it is. He will also ask if we want plain ground or sausage. Once he is finished, we pick up the boxes of pork from him and take it home! You do need to pay for the butcher’s services. We would include this in the price, but often certain cuts, grinds, and flavorings are extra, so that needs to be decided and paid for by you the customer. It’s a great perk to buying a whole pig because you get to make those choices!

Once the butcher is done, you now have the choice of picking it up to take home to your own freezer or letting us know to pick it up and store it in ours for you. If you bring it home, make sure you have plenty of room for all that delicious pork. Most smaller cuts only need a day or two to thaw in the refrigerator before you can cook it. If you choose to store your pork with us, we will arrange a monthly or every other week delivery of pork until you have received it all. We will charge a one time fee of $100 for this service. This includes storage up to a year and deliveries as needed. This way you don’t need to worry about the extra freezer space.

If you have any other questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We are happy to help you get delicious and nutritious pork to your family.

If you are interested in purchasing a whole or half hog, click here to read a little more about pricing and to put in your reservation!


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