Farmer Sarah

I wasn't raised on a farm and had very little idea of true farming. I have a finance degree and spent 13 years as a buyer for government agencies. I began with growing food for my family in order to be more self sufficient and to save money. The more I grew for us, the more I realized I LOVED doing it. I quickly added dairy goats and a few chickens to my menagerie and began raising a couple of pigs each year. In 2009, still working full time, I decided to try the CSA model to sell some of my excess veggies. I quickly sold the 5 shares I offered and expended the next year to 10! In 2010 I began raising a couple of batches of meat birds for our family, and realized how delicious they were! Some big changes in 2012 and 2013 for me allowed a bigger growing space and perfectly flat land. When Ryan joined me on the farm in 2014 we expanded the chicken and pig part of the farm and began doing farmers markets. I joined the farm full-time after a lay-off in early 2015 and am truly happy to be living my dream! Spending my days tending the goats and pigs or working on projects with Ryan around the farm is exactly what I want to be doing!

Farmer Ryan

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and I have a background in business (finance and marketing) from The Ohio State University. I was a financial advisor in Ohio for a few years until I realized I wanted something different with my life. So, I moved to the great state of California where I met and fell in love with Sarah. I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands and working outside (instead of cooped up in an office!). Owning and running our farm gives me the satisfaction of building something meaningful while utilizing my business background. I love raising food properly for our community to enjoy and LOVE that I get to know and talk to our customers each week at farmers markets!

Farmer Jacob

I'm 15 and a sophmore in High School (and Sarah's son!). My main job on the farm is taking care of the laying hen flock. I make sure they have plenty of water and food and fresh shavings in their nest boxes. I have to make sure that the eggs are collected, clean and packaged up for markets. Occasionally I help with projects or chores on the farm. Outside of farm life, I play soccer and practice Ju-Jitsu.