Pigs at BeeWench Farm are raised exclusively on pasture. Pasture raised pork is well known to be more flavorful than anything store-bought.

Pigs are fed non-gmo, corn and soy free feed to supplement their pasture.

First, some definitions:

Live Weight - The weight of an animal while still alive

Hang Weight - The weight of the animal after death and removal of entrails, skin, head etc (approx 70% of live weight for pigs)

Packaged Weight - The weight of the actual meat returned, minus bones/trimmings. (approx 70% of hang weight).

Cut Sheet - the 'order form' submitted to the Processor to indicate the cuts and size of cuts desired.

Abattoir - The person that comes to the farm to dispatch the pigs, remove entrails, and deliver to processor.

Processor - The person that does the final break down of the pig and packages the cuts per the customer instructions.


Half Pig Share members begin by paying a $150 deposit. This deposit secures your half pig and also covers the end of term abattoir fee. 

For 6 months, Half Pig Share members will be automatically charged monthly in the amount of $75 to cover the cost of feed and care.

At the end of the 6 months, pigs will be taken to a local processors to be cut and wrapped. BeeWench will facilitate this but Half Pig Share Members will pay the processor directly. The cost for this is approximately $1.10 per lb (hang weight).

*Should you desire to pick up your half pig directly from the farm (uncut) please contact us directly.*

Your total out of pocket cost to BeeWench Farm is $600. 

Our desire is for a whole pig to be approximately 250lbs live weight at processing. The Hang Weight should be approximately 175lbs and the Packaged Weight around 125lbs. Therefore, a half Pig Share would receive about 60-70lbs of actual cuts back from the Processor, depending on your cut choices. 

Your total out of pocket cost to the Processor will be approximately $100 (also depending on cut choices and hang weight.)

Your total out of pocket cost for a half pig share should be around $700. 

These costs are all approximate as they depend on the final weight of the pig.

Half pig shares normally consist of the following cuts: 20 pork chops, 1 ham, 2 roasts, 1 fresh ham, 8 lbs bacon slab, 3 lbs of spare ribs, 9 lbs of ground

If cost or freezer space is a concern, consider splitting a half share with friends or family!

If you would like a whole pig share, please contact us directly :)

You may choose to place your deposit for 2017 now by clicking the button below. The monthly payment will not begin until Spring when the pigs arrive on the farm.

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