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Our flock of flock of Americana, Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red hens free range on over an acre where they scratch and peck for bugs and eat grass all day. We also strategically corral the hens in portions of farm during certain periods of the year. This helps to add essential nutrients to the soil, and allows the hens to feast on various bugs that may be hanging out. They are fed an 18% protein, non GMO, Corn and soy free layer ration as a supplement to what they range on and they also receive crushed up egg shells to provide a calcium boost for strong shells.

Each year, we replace a portion of our flock to maintain an adequate laying amount. Most hens begin to taper off their laying after two or three years. We keep a high quality and gentle rooster with our flock, not only for protection, but also to allow us to raise our own replacement hens.

You can find our eggs, along with our pastured poultry, at our farmers markets each week!!