Weekend Activities

We got more rain! Only about a 1/2 inch on Sunday but it was perfect! I wish we could get a small storm like that every week! I don’t have to worry about irrigating for a few days and the crops like to be rained on so much more than they like to be watered from the well.

I attended the cheese making workshop at Blue Sky Gardens yesterday.  I only attended the hard-cheese making class taught by Debbie Kunic on Sunday since I feel like I do okay making feta, chevre, cream cheese and yogurt. It was a great class, lots of info about how the hard cheese making process goes and I met a great group of  ”like-minded” people.  I am very excited to get going with making cheddar. We go through around a pound of cheddar a week, so if I can make it for a fraction of the store cost I would be thrilled!

We also did a little work on Sunday on a new feeder for the goats. They are tremendous wasters of hay, and we’ve been losing a lot of alfalfa on the ground. And at $15-20 a bale, its basically money getting wasted. So, we took one of the plastic barrels we had sitting around and made a feeder out of it.

First, I drew lines down the barrel where I wanted it cut. The idea is to keep the hay from falling to the ground while they eat.



Then, dear hubby got out the jigsaw and cut along the lines I drew…isn’t he amazing?!


Next, we attached a piece of hog fencing to the opening. The goats can get their heads through the fencing and can munch away on the alfalfa, anything they spill will get caught by the bottom of the barrel.


Finally, we hung it up in the goat pen and put a little alfalfa in there so they could try it out…success!! We’ll definitely be adding 2 or 3 more of these to the pens in the barn. Best of all, they were made with free scrap stuff we had laying around!


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