A Little Sadness on the Farm

I got a frantic call from my oldest yesterday around noon. She had gone out to collect eggs and feed the cat at the barn and discovered 3, half formed baby goats in the goat pen. After checking everyone, she discovered that Honey, one of my 2011 doelings had aborted for some reason. I inspected the kids and found 2 perfectly formed, although not fully, and one mis-formed kid.

After much discussion with my “goat mentor” a cause still really hasn’t been determined. It could have been a number of factors; the deformed kid, the fact that there were 3 kids and she is a first freshener, a trauma of some sort or a culmination of all three.

I monitored her all day yesterday and she seems to be doing fine- no temp and a healthy appetite.  One of the plus’ of this is that it’s been recommended that I go ahead and milk her, her udder is full and milking will stimulate her uterus to contract and stimulates hormones to help her recover from “birthing”. I milked her last night and got about a cup of milk- not very much for all the effort but we’ll keep working at it.

I guess it’s just part of farming and livestock, but it still makes me sad 🙁 I am very grateful that Honey seems to be okay.


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