Is there a minimum for my order to be placed?
-Yes, there is a $50 per person minimum.  If your order doesn’t meet the $50 minimum, then your order will not be delivered.

Can I go in together with friends or neighbors to meet my $50 minimum?
-Yes you can.  However, the order must be placed on one credit card and the delivery will be delivered to one residence.

What if I forget to leave my cooler out?
-If you forget your cooler, your order will not be delivered. It is then your responsibility arrange for pick-up from us at the next weeks farmers market in your area.

What if I cant be home during the time of delivery?
-No need to worry!  You are not required to be home so long as there is a cooler outside by the door for us to drop off your order.

Do I need to provide ice?
-No you don’t need to.  If you want to, that would be welcomed but if we see theres no ice in the cooler we will provide 1 lb of ice to keep your order cool.

Do you have a referral program?
-Yes we do!  If you refer someone and they place valid order ($50 or more) AND they let us know that you referred them, then you will receive 10% off your next order.  You can refer as many people as you’d like but your 10% only applies the first time an individual places an order.  If 3 of your referrals place an order then you will receive 30% off!

Do I need to place an order every week?
-No you don’t.  There is no long term commitment.  You simply place an order when you need something.

Do I get any discounts for larger orders?
-Volume discounts apply to all of our product. Please contact us for specific details.

What is the benefit of home delivery?
-Mostly, its SUPER convenient! You get to select your products and have them delivered right to your door! No fighting weather or schedules to try to make it to Farmers Market!