There Is No Comparison

Talking with my co-workers before work this morning we were discussing the state of our food system commonly available. Most families utilize packaged, pre-prepared meals…for convenience and cost savings. I hear a lot about how eating healthy is ‘too expensive’. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me that the vegetables and fruit in the store can be purchased cheaper than fresh from a farmers market or local CSA.

I have no doubt in my mind that vegetables and fruit in the store is cheaper than what you’ll get at the store…but are you getting the same thing? Can you compare a store bought tomato to a ultra fresh garden tomato? The answer is an emphatic NO!

Anybody that has regularly eaten farm fresh garden tomatoes can tell you, there is no comparison. The watery, mealy tomatoes from the store have nothing on a garden tomato, grown with care and picked at its peak of freshness. And the same can be said about most other fruits and vegetables.

I urge you to consider what you’re actually eating when you buy from the store…what exactly that ‘food’ has been through before it enters your body; spraying, freezing, packaging, miles on the road and multiple hands before it finally makes it onto your plate. What sort of nutrient content is left in it by the time you eat it? Have you looked at its ingredients lately? Do you know what they all are and what they do to you?

What about taste? Is it bursting with flavor? Is it beautiful? Colorful? Does it leaving you feeling satisfied but not ‘stuffed’? REAL food will satisfy your hunger and provide the essential nutrients your body craves.

Making the change to real food can be daunting…take it one step at a time. Replace margarine with butter, canola oil with olive, buy your vegetables at Farmers Market or a CSA. Small changes, one at a time are not only easier but will help you manage your grocery budget.

In future posts I’ll go into each step to replacing your processed diet with the freshest possible…stay tuned!


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