Half Pig Share members begin by paying a $150 deposit. This deposit secures your half pig and also covers the end of term abattoir fee.  

For 6 months, Half Pig Share members will be automatically charged monthly in the amount of $75 to cover the cost of feed and care.

At the end of the 6 months, pigs will be taken to a local processors to be cut and wrapped. BeeWench will facilitate this but Half Pig Share Members will pay the processor directly. The cost for this is approximately $1.10 per lb (hang weight).

*Should you desire to pick up your half pig directly from the farm (uncut) please contact us directly.*

Your total out of pocket cost to BeeWench Farm is $600.  

Our desire is for a whole pig to be approximately 300lbs live weight at processing. The Hang Weight should be approximately 210lbs and the Packaged Weight around 150lbs. Therefore, a half Pig Share would receive about 75-80lbs of actual cuts back from the Processor, depending on your cut choices.  

Your total out of pocket cost to the Processor will be approximately $150 (also depending on cut choices and hang weight.)

Your total out of pocket cost for a half pig share should be around $750.  

These costs are all approximate as they depend on the final weight of the pig.

If you would like to see actual cut sheets from past customers, let us know!

If cost or freezer space is a concern, consider splitting a half share with friends or family!


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